The small music box with the big sound.

XS Music is a micro musical-box dedicated to create the best custom-made sounds and music to feed your needs. We do not discriminate against size, not matter how big the challenge is.... XS is primarily a network of audio wizs (composers, producers, musicians and engineers) issued from the grand local and international musical scene.


Jean-Phi Goncalves

Founding Director / Composer / Producer / Musician

Plaster, Beast, Afrodizz, Ariane Moffatt, Cirque du Soleil


Alex McMahon

Composer / Producer

Alex Nevsky, Yann Perreau, Radio Radio

serge pelletier

Serge Pelletier

Composer / Guitarist

PAWA UP FIRST, Le Démantèlement


Joëlle Robillard

Assistant manager / Coordinator


Manu Alias

Composer / Musician


Pierre Girard

Mix / Music

Ariane Moffatt, Galaxie, Marie-Pierre Arthur


Éric Ladouceur

Mix postprod / Soundesign